SF6 Products

Introducing the EcoGas 600 Series

PBA are the SF6 gas experts. We are proud to bring you an innovative range of economic and environmentally sound products that enable superior asset management of SF6 gas and switchgear.

The EcoGas 600 Series offers you a uniquely integrated and complementary product suite; the first of its kind. From its compact and powerful gas cart to a fitting/filling kit, mass flow meter, database and data interface app, using the EcoGas 600 Series will ensure not only compliance with stringent legislation and specification, but also deliver unrivalled asset management capability.

Couple these features with our SF6 expertise and you can be assured you are working with a range of products that is 100% backed by the industry leader.

The PBA EcoGas 600 Series - economic and environmentally sound SF6 handling.


download EcoGas600 SF6 Suite overview brochure


Online SF6 Monitor (EcoGas 600P)

Accurate remote monitoring of SF6 gas status

Cost effective SF6 gas monitor solution optimised for remote monitoring, providing a range of measured and calculated parameters.

Provides accurate real time data, local and remote alarm flags and SF6 gas condition indication.

When integrated with the EcoGas 600D database, historical and real-time leak rate data is available to update existing asset management platforms.

Key features:

  • Compact field solution
  • Local display of key SF6 status measurements and alarm conditions
  • Continuous SF6 emission and leak rate calculation by asset
  • EcoGas 600D database integration
  • View field data in real time
    • predicted time to top up
    • predicted time to lock out
    • parameter rate of change alerts
  • Remote communications options


download EcoGas600P Online DGA overview brochure
EcoGas600P Online DGA


SF6 Database (EcoGas 600D)

Create smart data with our intelligent SF6 database

It's simple, paperless and automated to record and download measurements via USB stick or your smart device (using our 600A), to our purpose built 600D SF6 database. From here examine your data from any perspective - a CEO, asset manager, EPA report or other.

Key features:

  • Record, analyse and communicate:
    • SF6 gas movements and identify leaks/losses
    • The locations of gas cylinders and the quantities of gas held in those cylinders
  • Easily track measurements over time, enabling reporting and predictive functionality
  • Provide accurate asset management information on circuit breaker gas volumes, enabling better leak management
  • Compliant with industry standards and legal requirements
  • Paperless and automated, delivering more timely and accurate reporting
  • Intelligent presentation of data, for a range of key data users, including CEO's, asset managers, and EPA reporting
  • Accessible - seamlessly integrating with PBA's 600M and also directly accessible via your smartphone or tablet using the 600A interface
EcoGas600D SF6 Database


Data Interface App (EcoGas 600A)

Your direct, real time SF6 data field application

If you need immediate onsite access and interaction with the 600D, the 600A is the application for you. The 600A is the most convenient and efficient way to access and update your SF6 data directly to the 600D.

Key features:

  • Direct interface with the 600D via your smartphone or tablet
  • Paperless, user friendly, real time data access and upload
  • Database enable automation reduces the amount of data input required
EcoGas 600A SF6 Field Application


SF6 Gas Cart (EcoGas 600G)

The small, clever and powerful SF6 gas cart

PBA's EcoGas 600G SF6 Gas Cart is the most compact, portable and versatile option available when you need to meet and exceed stringent legislation and specifications covering SF6 management.

Key features:

  • Despite its compact size, the 600G offers the capacity for pulling vacuum. It will comfortably achieve 50 millibar. In fact PBA's 600G will continue to pull vacuum down as low as 10 millibar!
  • Highly portable, with forklift fittings for easy loading through the side door of a van
  • Onboard scales eliminate the need for weighing individual bottles
  • Single phase power source for convenience onsite
  • Simple DIY servicing and replacement of filters reduces gas cart maintenance costs. This means no degassing of the cart is required and the cart can degas its own filter before removal to allow cartridge replacement without emission to atmosphere
  • High compression liquid storage
  • Up to 60 kg/hour capacity
  • Integrates with and supported by PBA's fitting/filling kit (600F), mass flow meter (600M) and SF6 database (600D)


download EcoGas600G Gas Cart brochure
EcoGas 600G SF6 Gas Cart


SF6 Gas Fitting/Filling Kit (EcoGas 600F)

All the fittings you'll ever need in one portable, easy access case

Avoid lost time and additional costs from not having the right fitting on site when you need it. The 600F is an SF6 fitting/filling kit, custom built to meet your particular needs, in support of our own 600G and other gas carts.

Key features:

  • Customised to your asset fleet's specific requirements
  • Comprehensive, yet laid out for quick and easy fitting selection
  • Highly portable
  • Seamless integration with PBA's 600G and other gas carts


download EcoGas600F Gas Fitting and Filling Kit brochure
EcoGas 600F SF6 Filling and Fitting Kit


SF6 Mass Flow Meter (EcoGas 600M)

Seamlessly gather the right data with the SF6 mass flow meter

The 600M SF6 mass flow meter supports both PBA's own 600G and other gas carts, combining several key measures in one easy-to-use digital device; generating data that aligns with various clients’ reporting specifications and increasingly stringent legal requirements.

Key features:

  • One compact, portable device measures:
    • Quantity (mass flow) out and in of each vessel (cylinder or equipment)
    • Flow rate (a requirement often not adhered to)
    • Dew point, pressure and temperature (for quality control)
  • Informative, easy to read LCD display and data input panel
  • Produces export files for upload to your asset management software for complete data integration
  • Seamless data transfer via USB enables simple download/upload from the 600M to PBA's SF6 database, the 600D, in compliance with legislation
  • Seamless integration with PBA's 600G and other gas carts


download EcoGas 600M Mass Flow Meter


EcoGas 600M SF6 Mass Flow Meter


SF6 End of Life Disposal Service (EcoGas 600E)

Best practice SF6 end of life disposal service.

The disposal of SF6 assets requires special care to ensure that potentially harmful decomposition products built up over the life of the asset, are disposed of in a safe and environmentally responsible manner meeting regulatory requirements.

Additionally, SF6 gas as a regulated synthetic greenhouse gas, has specific regulatory requirements covering its disposal, record keeping and reporting, that asset owners are required to report and maintain.

The EcoGas 600E platform provides a unique and cost effective disposal solution providing end to end management, utilising the cloud-based customer portal where users can request, monitor, and report the disposal of SF6 assets and gas.

PBA disposal activity is available either as an on-site service or accessible through one of our fully equipped regional workshops.

Key features:

  • Best practice disposal methodology
  • Cost effective
  • Customer tracking portal
  • On demand reporting
  • Data integration with the EcoGas 600D SF6 management and emissions reporting database allowing Aggregate Loss at Emission Source reporting (Tier 3)


download EcoGas 600E SF6 End of Life Disposal brochure


EcoGas 600E SF6 End of Life Disposal