SF6 Services

PBA SF6 Services

SF6 is the ideal high voltage insulator. As a result its use is growing. However, usage poses a number of operational and compliance challenges.

At PBA, meeting the standards of SF6 compliance is just the first step to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our team has an intimate understanding of the complexities of using SF6 and we bring you innovation, holistic understanding and industry leadership. We focus this talent on unlocking the maximum benefit of SF6 at minimum risk and cost to your organisation.

PBA is committed to pushing the definition of industry best practise ever higher, whilst constantly delivering cost effective, highly expert solutions.

This commitment is reflected in our innovative design and build of superior gas management equipment, including a specialised gas handling cart and SF6 mass-flow meter system.

So if SF6 compliance and easily accessible, cost effective, yet high quality solutions are important to you, turn to PBA today – we are the leaders.

PBA brings all facets of SF6 handling and management together in one solution to optimise the asset management potential of SF6. Our services include:

  • Field and Lab Testing of SF6 Gas
  • Sourcing, supply, transportation, emptying, filling, top up and consolidation of SF6 Gas
  • Mobile SF6 Gas recovery plants, compliant to industry and legislative specifications
  • Web-based data management of SF6 stock, transactions and reporting
  • Disposal of SF6 which has deteriorated due to repeated exposure to arcing
  • Consolidation of SF6 Gas
  • Purification of SF6 Gas
  • Familiarity with clients reporting requirements
  • Approved Electrical industry training

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