It's the way we think

The future is our focus

The electricity system is changing, from decarbonisation to resilience planning, this is one of the most dynamic phases in history. Power utilities need forward thinking and ingenuity to help them implement the solutions needed for the future. At PBA Consulting we have experts who stay across the technical issues with the future clearly in mind. After all, we all share the same planet and it’s the way we think that will sustain our future generations.

Solving demanding challenges

The future electricity system will have greater complexity and many more participants.

The emergence of two-way electricity flow, demand side issues and heightened cybersecurity, are only a few examples of the many technical challenges electricity utilities face as decarbonisation and distributed energy resources (DER) gather momentum.

At PBA Consulting we offer the skills for these demanding challenges, it's something we aspire to be renowned for. So, if you are looking for a team with the ingenuity to take on the complex issues with passion, you are looking in the right place. It’s the way we think, and it makes us different.

Real world experience

Unlike many consultants, PBA Consulting comes from a robust, real-world background with a team of renowned high voltage experts. We bring this commitment to excellence to the world of higher-level planning and advice. Advice that draws on years of practical experience.

This rare skill set places us apart from other less grounded consultants and allows us to design practical solutions that work in an optimal way in the real world.

Value and outcome driven

While a future focus and solving demanding challenges are key, what also matters to our clients is a razor-sharp focus on creating the value and outcomes they need.

We don’t sit back, we listen and understand to help our customers make better decisions. That’s because when you partner with us you will find a team that proactively offers ideas and innovations that deliver.

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Solving demanding challenges


Introducing PBA Consulting

Born from PBA’s renowned history for high voltage services and solutions, PBA Consulting was established in 2021. We bring a practical real-world focus coupled with a vision for the future.

PBA Consulting is now entering a period of intense growth supported by our new owner Unison. We offer a focus on the complex challenges you face, from system planning, integration of operational technologies in a heightened world of cybersecurity, to the know-how needed for project deployment and ongoing strategic asset management. Whatever your challenge, we bring you expertise that delivers outstanding outcomes.

So, if you are looking for consulting advice that brings a focus on the future and solving demanding challenges, PBA Consulting is your solution. It’s the way we think that makes us different.


We bring a niche team of proven people and our services are focused in three key areas: 

System planning and advisory

  • Power system planning
  • Incident investigation
  • HVDC planning
  • Electricity market advisory

Distribution engineering

  • Strategic Asset Management advisory
  • System Planning
  • Concept, preliminary and detailed design
  • Primary and secondary design
  • Switchyards and Protection schemes


  • Technical advisory, planning, business case development
  • Implementation and Support
  • SCADA/ADMS, GIS, Telecoms/Networking and IT Infrastructure/cyber security
  • Electricity supply and critical infrastructure industry focused


Our technical advice is led by our team of experts:


For general enquiries contact:

Warwick Glendenning

Warwick Glendenning
Chief Executive Officer
m: +64 21 404 558



PBA Consulting Ltd offices
NZ: Waikato, Wellington and Christchurch
Australia: Melbourne








Ranil de Silva

Dr Ranil de Silva
Technical Director, System planning and advisory
m: +64 21 538 774

Errol Bebbington

Errol Bebbington
Principal Power Systems Engineer
m: +64 27 233 2819

Stuart Colsell

Dr Stuart Colsell
Principal Consultant, Technology
m: +64 27 213 5037

Johan Hendriks

Johan Hendriks
Technical Director, Distribution engineering
m: +64 21 595 676