Disposal of End of Life SF6 Assets

PBA End of Life SF6 Asset DisposalThe disposal of SF6 assets requires special care to ensure that potentially harmful decomposition products built up over the life of the asset are disposed of in a safe and environmentally responsible manner meeting regulatory requirements.

Additionally, SF6 gas as a regulated synthetic greenhouse gas has specific regulatory requirements covering its disposal, record keeping and reporting, that asset owners are required to report and maintain.

The EcoGas 600E platform provides a unique and cost-effective disposal solution providing end to end management utilising the cloud-based customer portal where users can request, monitor, and reporting on the disposal of SF6 assets and gas.

PBA disposal activity is available either as an onsite service or accessible through one of our fully-equipped regional workshops.


  • Best practice disposal methodology
  • Cost effective
  • Customer tracking portal
  • On-demand reporting
  • Data integration with the EcoGas 600D SF6 management and emissions reporting database - allowing Aggregate Loss at Emissions Source reporting (Tier 3)