Tajan Domingo

filler 9 June 2016

ZTaj Domingo Photo 2From managing maintenance projects for Transpower as far back as 2005 Taj has built up a wealth of experience in the HV industry.

He helped to form PBA in 2009 and has since managed PBA's involvement in the HVDC Pole 1 decommissioning and subsequent Pole 3 upgrade project over several years.  He now manages PBA's HVDC business unit and, on the side, all the business's IT needs too!  In addition to his talents in the HVDC arena Taj specialises in non invasive forms of condition assessment work. SF6 leak detection and thermography being two areas he has developed an outstanding skill set in.

Delivering these skills to a variety of New Zealand's HV asset owners, from distribution networks through to transmission and generation environments, has made Taj very aware of different clients' requirements and priorities.