Haywards C9/T9 & C10/T10 Upgrade Project

filler 16 April 2015

PBA Technical Specialists completed the upgrade of Synchronous Condensers 9 and 10 and their associated Transformers at Haywards substation. The project was completed with the commissioning of SC10 8 months later.

The project involved several contractors per condenser.  Northpower were the electrical installation contractor for the project. This included installing CT’s, VT’s, 11kV cables, protection panels, junction boxes and a whole lot of control cables. PBA were subcontracted by Northpower for testing, commissioning and technical services. This included testing and commissioning new CT’s, VT’s, 11kV cables, SCADA signals and 4 new protection panels. PBA were tasked with correcting design and installation anomalies.  PBA also assisted ABB with power factor testing both SC9 and 10 using a Doble M3100 and resonator.

As there were 36 ring CT’s to test, using an Omicron CT analyser PBA made short work of the acceptance testing. The project also required a total of 10 relays to be tested. This included several relays normally found in generation systems and proved interesting to test. 

PBA also worked closely with Transpower, ABB and Siemens during condenser pre-commissioning tests and final commissioning.  Overall both condensers were commissioned ahead of time and synchronised to the grid first time without any issues – a major achievement.

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