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 About - PBA

Committed to creating Australasia’s finest high voltage specialist organisation, Pringle Beleski and Associates (PBA) was formed in 2008 by John Pringle and Vern Beleski.

In uniting some of Australasia’s key high voltage experts, PBA has since become a leader in the industry. Its collegial approach to knowledge sharing generates the potency of collective expertise – and a team of specialists who care about the industry and the work they do.

With an original staff of 9, the company has grown exponentially and now boasts a dedicated team of over 45, located in Wellington, Christchurch, Te Aroha and Otematata.

With a commitment to excellence as its primary focus and a solid foundation of successful New Zealand projects and industry advancements behind them, PBA is now expanding operations into Australia and prepared to become Australasia’s foremost high voltage specialist.

PBA people are leaders in the high voltage field. They offer industry training to foster professionalism in the industry and many of their competitors consult them for advice and services.

PBA is an ambitious company and due to its specialist knowledge and drive is rapidly realising its superior objectives. An ethical company committed to delivering a high level of professional integrity, it is dedicated to fostering long term partnerships with its clients and augmenting expertise within their businesses.

Through both innovative and time-proven methods, PBA is committed to helping client’s develop and maintain their high voltage infrastructure and add genuine value to both their investments and the challenging and exciting field of high voltage electrical engineering. Please visit our experts page for further information about PBA’s proven attributes.

PBA has completed a number of iconic projects to date. Please visit our credentials page to find out more about its expert team, their accreditations, and read some case studies and articles about PBA’s work.

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A team that cares

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At PBA we foster a team of people who genuinely care about the work they do and the customer’s satisfaction. We have made innovation and a passion for finding the best way to do the job our trademarks.

PBA people are part of a highly skilled team of experts whose professionalism and commitment set us apart from our competitors.

Our technical leaders adopt a collegial approach to knowledge sharing. This fosters a culture of free thinking and teamwork that ensures we are not reliant on individuals and therefore collectively deliver high quality results.

PBA is committed to maintaining this advantage. Our approach to health and safety, career development and respect for our people has seen staff retention become a cornerstone of our business. We also actively recruit the best people to continue this winning formula. 

So when you choose PBA as your high voltage expert, you are choosing an outstanding team that cares about the quality of their work, which means your satisfaction is assured.



Total commitment to excellence

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At PBA a total commitment to excellence is what drives us. 

We are always looking for ways to improve the way we work and deliver enhanced outcomes for our clients.

As a result of this approach, we consistently deliver on budget, on spec and on time. This robust approach has seen us build a reputation for getting the job done right, first time.

We are not interested in second best or second rate. We aspire to be technical leaders in our field and create genuine value for our customers. We also stand by the quality of our work and you will find old fashioned ethics and integrity are part of the way we’re wired.

So if you are looking for high voltage technical excellence, you have come to the right place. It’s the way we’re wired.

Expert analysis and recommendations

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Not only do PBA offer industry training, but many competitors come to us for advice and services.

With some of Australasia’s key technical experts on board, an outstanding result is PBA’s primary focus.  In choosing PBA you are opting for leading technical expertise and the recommendations you need to develop and maintain your high voltage infrastructure.

Superior customer support

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At PBA, we are committed to offering our customers a superior level of ongoing support.  PBA utilize a suite of online business and workflow management tools which are remote accessible by the whole team.  This allows the business to function efficiently; independent of any geographic challenge and in real time.

Being so well established and highly regarded in the high voltage industry, PBA has both the commitment to service and the necessary financial backing to be there for you when you need technical excellence – now and in the future.

Innovation a hallmark

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At PBA we attract and retain a team of experts who have the passion and knowledge to think freely about the industry and the way projects are completed.  We are always exploring ways to design solutions, equipment and methodologies that add value to our high voltage services.  In essence; we are ambitious.

In essence we are striving to do the job better and this often requires imagination and innovation.

As a result designing new equipment such as the Sprecher to Dilo DN8 gas fitting adaptor used for reducing SF6 emissions has become second nature and a hallmark of the way we work

When you have a PBA technical specialist on the job, you can have the confidence they not only come with the best industry hardware but also with unique equipment and methods.

Impeccable professional standards

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PBA maintains impeccable professional standards. All of our business processes and systems operate within a fully integrated management system and is designed to meet all industry standards.

Our team are highly trained, including vendors’ accreditations and various levels of tertiary qualifications right up to PhD level. PBA also operates the latest industry standards for project management and health and safety.

We stay across developments in the high voltage industry and ensure we have the necessary equipment, people and qualifications available at all times.

At an organisational level we follow best practice in all our crucial fields.

Our systems are certified by Telarc SAI Limited to fully meet AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008, AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 and AS/NZS 4801:2001.

PBA also operates under an employer license system to meet legislative compliance for electrical workers.

Industry connected

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PBA is intimately connected with the high voltage industry. We maintain key contacts at all levels with major utilities.

Offshore we also study the latest developments in the industry, maintaining a standing watch on technical trends to ensure we are up with the game.

We also stay connected with hardware vendors and their emerging technology.

We hold the view that people are important and strengthening our connections and relationships across the industry is a core philosophy of our business.

So if you are looking for a team of professionals who are connected with the ins and outs of the high voltage industry, PBA is your natural choice.

Agility and flexibility

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Agility and flexibility are real strengths of PBA. Whilst we are big enough to be stable and deliver our core services for the long run, we have held onto our small company culture. This means you will find PBA more flexible and agile than many of our big corporate competitors.

Our company culture encourages free thinking and agility. We are not wed to the old ways. We are seeking to deliver solutions in a flexible and easy-to-engage way. 

We have made all of the necessary investment in vehicles and equipment, and you will find a contract with PBA a refreshing, down-to-earth, results-focused relationship.

The Australasian specialists

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PBA started its life as a Christchurch and Wellington based company but we now operate a national operation in New Zealand with offices in Wellington, Christchurch, Otematata, Te Aroha and Auckland.

We are also moving into the Australian market and we will soon develop enhanced presences there.

Unlike multinationals whose efforts are spread worldwide, we focus on the Australasian market and its unique challenges and specific technical environment.

We are committed to understanding and connecting with the high voltage requirements in these two countries and building a reputation as the Australasian specialists.