Transpower SF6 Contract

filler 15 May 2011

PBA has been awarded the Transpower SF6 Gas Management Contract. The focus of the contract is to manage Transpower’s stocks of SF6, however this also includes:

• SF6 gas cylinder management

• Gas consolidation

• Cylinder recertification

• SF6 gas purification

• SF6 gas disposal

The contract will enable PBA to demonstrate its technical expertise applying new concepts to SF6 gas management. The contract started by working with the Transpower contractors on the records for the existing system. PBA and our software developers have designed and  implemented an SF6 database that follows a step by step gas management process from the time SF6 cylinders are requested from the Transpower store until their return. This online trackingdatabase shows the location of all of Transpower’s SF6 cylinders and can be accessed by all Transpower contractors who have been identified as approved handlers. In addition to this, PBA are assisting Transpower with a review of Transpower’s SF6 standards and providing training in the following areas:

• Awareness

• Handling

• SF6 equipment and use

• Competency

• Certification


The revised training will provide a better understanding of the requirements and the implementation of best work practices. PBA looks forward to working with Transpower on this contract over the next two years.