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SF6 - One of the most dangerous greenhouse gases around

filler 24 September 2019

Global warming is real, and in our industry the lack of appreciation for SF6 is contributing to this.


PBA Product Catalogue

filler 19 July 2017

PBA have released a products catalogue full of hardware you would need to maintain SF6 assets as well as a handy tool to monitor your transformer fleet.  Contact us today to receive a copy!


SF6 Mass Flow Meter

filler 28 May 2015

The latest addition to PBA’s market leading SF6 service is the EcoGas600M - a high accuracy Mass Flow Meter. The EcoGas600M is the culmination of 18 months of research and development conducted by PBA and represents a significant step forward in our ability to assure compliance to SF6 emission standards.


SF6 Contract

filler 15 May 2011

PBA has been awarded the Transpower SF6 Gas Management Contract. The focus of the contract is to manage Transpower’s stocks of SF6, however this also includes: